Passion Integrity Guts


"Miss 357"

Colt 45 x Hillbilly Bone x Triple Bar 7

Our $10,000.00 purchase from Stohlquist’s 1st online offering of bred gilts. Miss 357 is full littermate to the 357 boar that stands at Stohlquist. Dam produced the 2013 Champion gilt at Indiana State Fair.

"Miss America"

Blades x Hillbilly Bone x Super Beast x Unbelievable x Split Second x Space Monkey's Littermate

Made a visit to 4K farms & took the Kirk Swanson genetic tour. We brought home a souvenir, Miss America & had the privilege of seeing Hillbilly Bone in person. Just like a beauty queen, this gal has been put together well. Take your walk Miss America!

"Miss Chicago "

Neon Lights x Heat Monster x Hillbilly Bone

"Miss Dottie"

Powersource x Super Monster

"Miss Foxy "

Colt 45 x Full Strut

"Miss Gemma "

Bear 22 x Priceless

"Miss Glory"

Heat Monster x Hillbilly Bone

When we called Russell at Ottenwalters for our very 1st set of females, Glory was on that check it twice list. That night when we picked her up with the fab 5 on a side road in Buckeye, AZ, we knew she was special. Her dam is a member of Ottenwalter’s Elite Sow Club and is a littermate to Bone Daddy. This gal no doubt will generate.

Miss Glory at 8 weeks old

"Miss HiHo"

HeMan x Rename

Miss HiHo was the Reserve Prospect Champion at the 2013 Ring of Success. Her sire also sired the 2013 Crossbred Classic Champion boar Nit2Winit. HiHo was a crowd favorite on the fall Saila Circuit.

"Miss Mickey "

Colt 45 x Warrior

"Miss Milkshake"

Pointmaker x Lunchbox

Private treaty purchase from Hi Point Genetics. The dam of 15-4 is one of Hi Points most prolific generator's not only in dollars sold but pigs that feed and win.

"Miss Noe"

Monumental x Toxic

"Miss Swagger "

Swagger 21-3 x Pump it Up x Brass Monkey